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Innovation meets scientific expertise in movement,
mental training and nutrition



We co-developed our program with industry
experts from a wide range of fields

Aylin Balestrieri.jpg
Aylin Balestrieri.jpg

Aylin Balestrieri

Physiotherapist and yoga instructor, owner of You and Your Mat

Nicoletta Weber.jpg

Nicoletta Weber

Dietician and owner of

Yannick Zionel.jpg

Yannick Zionel

Fitness instructor

Kariem Hussein.jpg

Kariem Hussein

Professional 400-m hurdles runner (2014 European Champion) and medical doctor

Nina Schweigert.jpg

Dr. Nina Schweigert

Doctor in environmental science (ETH) and dietician, owner of Dein Ernährungscoach

Portrait Sonia Aydin.jpeg

Dr. Sonia Aydin

Doctor in cell physiology and yoga instructor, owner of Reviving Yoga



At the core of our company values is the conviction that full health and energy levels can be achieved by anyone.

Our mission is to:

  • enable our participants to reach such a high level of health that they don’t even catch a cold.

  • support companies in their responsibility for employee health and wellbeing.

  • protect data while gaining meaningful insights on health and motivation.


Founder Easy Healthing

After multiple years of management experience in banking (Credit Suisse Director) and strategy consulting (McKinsey Engagement Manager) I decided to combine my broad interests in preventive health to design this program!

Coming from an entrepreneurial family in the fitness and health industry, my fascination for these topics began at an early age, and as a certified NLP coach I see it as crucial to add mental training to «traditional» health aspects.

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